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So You've Bought Natural Deodorant...Now What?

So You've Bought Natural Deodorant...Now What?

Natural deodorant, a quick guide to help you navigate an aluminum-free underarm.
natural with organic fragrance aluminum free no baking soda. Gets rid of smelly underarm body odor

Natural Deodorant


The inside scoop on detoxing your pits. The number 1 question: will my underarms stink? Yes. Here's why, your body sheds toxins via your skin. Ahem, that's  what it's supposed to do. Okay, you will perspire because natural deodorant does not have anti-perspirants that blocks your body's  natural detoxification process. You will smell bacteria on your skin that breaks down acids in your sweats, this breakdown is what causes the funky B.O.

Aluminum- free is the buzzword that you hear when natural deodorant is tossed in.

Let's talk about Aluminum 

daisy & mabel organics natural aluminum free deodorant
  • Is a light-weight, silvery-white metal
  • The most abundant metallic element in Earth's crust, and the most widely used
  • Sweat stopper, aluminum is the antiperspirant in deodorant
  • The top 5 uses for aluminum are: power lines, high-rise buildings, window frames, consumer electronics, and household & industrial appliances


natural and organic hair and skin care. aluminum free natural deodorant for women and men


The main function of an antiperspirant is to stop perspiration, your sweat. In turn, preventing moisture eliminates the detoxing smells associated with natural deodorant. Aluminum reacts with salts in the sweat glands forming a gel. The gel acts like an astringent (alcohol) that contracts pores. The alcohol kills bacteria and the smells.



What creates the need to do a pit detox in the first place? Research has shown that arm pit detoxification can boost the immune system. Lymph nodes located  under the armpit are directly affected by a variety of chemicals and additives in conventional antiperspirants. 

Conventional chemicals and additive ingredients:

  • ¬†Aluminum- linked to Alzheimer's and cancer
  • Formaldehyde- a known carcinogen
  • Parabens- a hormone disruptor linked to biopsied breast cancer tissue
  • Phthalates- an endocrine hormone disruptor¬†
  • Propylene glycol- street name "anti-freeze"


Do not let the bacteria win; they love a moist environment. After bathing dry carefully to ensure that all dampness has been removed. To alleviate detoxifying aromas and to increase the detox period, apply an underpit mask using activated charcoal or bentonite clay. Apply daily, or as needed for 10 minutes. 

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot, look for this ingredient in your natural deodorant, as it absorbs moisture. Only since 5,ooo B.C., arrowroot has been proving itself as a beneficial ingredient in skincare.

  • Has the added benefit¬† of reducing inflammation without causing dryness or irritation (Great for razor burn relief¬†too!)
  • Penetrates the epidermal skin layer, aiding other active ingredients access¬†
  • Evens out dark marks and blemishes
  • Vitamin rich: high in Iron, Potassium, and B9.
Essentially, replacing the need for aluminum in conventional deodorants with its odor neutralizing properties. 



 My personal account:

 I have to confess I am not an excessive sweater. I would say I have normal sweat tendencies in the underarm region. I have tried and failed on my natural deodorant journey multiple times. I was always deterred by the sensation of moisture (sweat) that I felt. Tbh, it made me feel dirty, lol! What made me successful was making a decision to stick with it and to not go back to a  conventional antiperspirant deodorant. My plan was to start using an aluminum-free when the temperatures weren't so dreadfully hot, and on a weekend. Okay, double check! These two things helped me, and allowed me to permanently make the switch.

My Observations:

1. My underarms did accumulate moisture
    • I wore looser fitting shirts to avoid clinging materials and to create air flow so I was less prone to have a sweat inducing shirt show. Oh yeah, wear cotton fabrics during this period.
    • I increased underarm washing and natural deodorant reapplication throughout the day. This is why the weekend is a good time to give it a try.

    2. Make sure you are properly hydrating to help your body remain balanced 

    • It seems obvious, but may be overlooked with everyone's busy schedules. Drink up, water that is. There is a formula based on weight times this, divided by that. Just drink 8, 8 ounces per day!

    3. I selected a natural deodorant that did not have baking soda as an ingredient

    • This was a¬†major hurdle cleared. What I always struggled with was roughly two weeks into using a natural deodorant, a skin irritation would persist. I would always think, isn't this why I stopped using my antiperspirant counterpart? Please read your ingredients lists on any product, the shorter the better. What I¬†discovered¬† after reading and researching through the process of elimination is that my skin has a sensitivity to baking soda. No disrespect to baking soda,¬† it's just not for me and my underarms.




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