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Best body oil for dry sensitive skin. Use an everyday skin care moisturizer or massage oil. No synthetic fragrance, or dye used. 100 % natural with organic ingredients. Made in USA

Why We Love Body Oil (And You Should Too!)

Rose Body Oil: How and when to apply?
The Benefits of Body Oil
Body oil is a luxe skin care product best used to seal in hydration after bathing or showering.  Body oils regulate the production of sebum.  Its structure stimulates and aids in re-regulation and repair to the natural moisture barrier of the skin.  Veggie-based oils copies lipids (fats) found in our skin. 
As a result, the oils are absorbed by the top layer of the skin (epidermis); skin welcomes the oils as one of their own.  A moisturizing effect is present after application, great for those prone to dry skin.

For Glowing Skin While Bathing

Moisturize and soften your skin while bathing, add a few drops of Rose Body Oil to running bath water. Enjoy the aromatic smell packed with hydrating, get your glow up oils!

For Glowing Skin After Bathing

Apply directly following your bathing routine, a little goes a long way. Enjoy the scent! Rose Body Oil is for both women and men. For optimal results, apply a small amount of Rose Body Oil immediately after your bathing routine. Its highly concentrated formula ensures that a little goes a long way.

Mix With Lotion If You Must

Find what works best, add a few drops to lotion to enhance its effects. Mix with lotion to create a custom blend by mixing our incredible product with your favorite lotion for a truly personalized experience!

Lotion vs Body Oil

  •  Lotion is a water-based skin care essential. However, the presence of water in lotions require preservatives which are mostly synthetic.
  • Has the flexibility to be applied whenever needed, not just following your bathing routine
  • Less concentrated than body oils so it is easier to apply more than necessary for each application
  • Absorbs into the skin readily, not as spreadable on contact as body oil for a massage
Body Oil
  • Devoid of water, body oils have less toxicity than lotions: preservative and synthetic fragrance free
  • Best applied to freshly hydrated skin following your bathing routine
  • Highly concentrated, use less product over time on your skin care routine
  • Massage friendly, warms quickly and provides a  better glide while massaging 

 My personal account:

I am green when it comes to body oils. I have lotions in every place that one could think: my bathrooms and powder room, the kitchen, my nightstand, my car, my desk, and of course my pocketbook . But, body oils are my new favorite! Let's talk about the smell goods of the Rose Body Oil in particular. It smells good on both women and men, just fragrant! I put this on after showering: when my skin feels dry, when I need a pick me up, and when I am feeling fancy. good for all occasions.


rose body oil for dry skin under 20 dollars


Natural ingredients 100%. Made with organic ingredients, cruelty-free, Made in USA

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